Who We Are

“The story of The Joseph Fund is one of success. It is an exciting story despite the reputation and often harsh realities of the city of Camden… personal stories of achievement, triumph over adversity and goodwill toward others.”
Monsignor Robert McDermott, Founder

We Are The Joseph Fund

The Joseph Fund was created as a fundraising cooperative, with a professional staff, dedicated to investing our supporters’ resources in the most efficient, effective and productive ways to achieve our defined mission. Partner organizations make application for Fund monies as needed to support various initiatives and projects. Detailed budgets and project plans are required via the application process.

The Fund Board has been entrusted to be careful stewards of Fund resources, allocating them to the programs and organizations where the need is the greatest and where the results are most profound.

The Joseph Fund actively promotes Missions in the community – addressing ongoing challenges and sharing in the achievements of those whose lives we touch. Regular reports are presented to the Board on the status of funded development projects.

Our Mision

Passionate stewardship of resources; supporting missions and transforming thousands of lives!

Our Vision

Being Camden's most trusted fund raising philanthropy.

Our Value

Shepherding resources to inspire self-determination, raise aspirations, and lift spirits of all.  

Our Board of Trustees

The members of our board of trustees are thought leaders who have made a significant contribution to our society. Each and every one of them brings a unique set of skills and expertise to The Joseph Fund.
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