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Take Action

The Joseph Fund is a 501(c) (3) non-profit corporation. Donors, grantors and sponsors can direct their charitable giving to specific Ministries or capital projects, or they can make unrestricted contributions. Unrestricted monies will be allocated by the Board of Trustees as needed to support the various initiatives and contributions are generally 100% deductible unless some value is provided in exchange for the contribution, such as event tickets. While any form of giving is deeply appreciated, the Fund would benefit most from unrestricted gifts or sponsorships, as the financial needs of the Ministries are ever-changing. Flexibility in the use of contributions will allow the Fund to use the monies where they are needed most.

If you or your organization prefers to have your donations devoted to specific causes, there are many ways to do so. You can:
  • Provide a scholarship or pay the tuition for a student.
  • Help us to purchase land or an abandoned home for restoration.
  • Provide funds for the much needed improvements to our facilities.
  • Support the acquisition of a property for a transitional housing facility.
  • Underwrite a child to attend the Child Development Center.
  • Help to send youth on one of our International Service trips.
  • Help us to expand our Youth programs by hiring additional staff.

Why Should You Support Us?

Why Choose to Invest Your Funds in the Joseph Fund?

Community Impact

You’ll support a broad array of Camden residents

History of Success

We have an excellent record of achievement and proven results

A Solid Foundation

We are a highly regarded Foundation with strong fiscal management and highly skilled professionals

Targeted Philanthropy

You can “earmark” your investments for the programs you choose

Support a Program

You, your company, or granting foundation may have a specific investment preference, such as a scholarship for one of our students, a night’s meal and rest for one of our homeless neighbors, a service experience for one of our Romero Center student participants, or help us to buy abandoned properties for our housing operations. The following are several of the programs for which we need support for each of our Ministries.

“Adopt a Home” Program

Make an investment in the purchase of a property or contribute to the renovation costs on a home. With literally thousands of abandoned homes in the City and with countless hopeful residents seeking the chance to own their own home, you can help make that possible by supporting our acquisition and construction efforts.   Request more information.

“Support a Scholar” Program

Your investment in the education of students will have a profound impact on their lives. We provide scholarships to students in our Elementary School to attend Catholic high schools, and to graduates of our Youth Outreach Program, “L.U.C.Y.”, to attend college. An investment of $5,000 would support a year’s education for a student.    Request more information.

“Adopt a Classroom” Program

At our Child Development Center, we need support to upgrade our computer equipment, replace old furnishings, and buy needed educational materials for our seventy-five 3 and 4 year old children. We are also launching a capital campaign project to expand our facilities to serve more of Camden’s children. Your support can help both goals. Request more information.

“A Week of Service” Program

At Romero Center Ministries, we serve nearly 2000 students and young adults every year, providing intensive service and reflection programs devoted to helping them understand their faith and deepen their obligation to answer the “call to serve”. With a contribution of $300, you can underwrite a week-long service retreat for a student. Request more information.

“Help for the Homeless”

With an estimated 1000 homeless citizens of Camden, the need for support is greater than ever. A $1,000 gift will fund a full night’s operation of our Joseph’s House Café, providing a safe, warm night’s rest, a good meal and other services for 50 people. A gift of just $38 allows us to serve to one person for a night.  Request more information.


Most of our workforce is comprised of volunteers. If you have a few free hours that you can dedicate to others, or a skill that can be shared, we will be happy to channel it in the right direction.


Add your name to our mailing list so we can keep you updated about upcoming events, speciality drives, new initiatives and more. 

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